“As dental professionals, our goal is to provide the highest quality of care for our patients.

As president of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine and co-founder of the Institute for Nutritional and Systemic Dentistry, and as a Doctor of Integrative Medicine, I have searched for technology that would increase a patient’s oral health and would fit the busy life styles of my patients, friends and family.

As a private dental practitioner in Mesa, Arizona for over 23 years, I have discovered that the best treatment for my patients lies in biological dentistry which treats the root of the patient’s health problems instead of just treating the symptoms.  I examine the treatment and materials I place in patient’s mouths and then evaluate what is best for that individual patient.

Unless the patient has an emergency, I always address their periodontal (gum tissues) needs first.  Recent publications from the News England Journal of Medicine to the Journal of The American Dental Association have finally published articles relating patients overall health to the oral health of our patients!  This has been the corner stone of biological dentistry teachings for over 50 years.  Make sure the patient’s periodontal health is good before doing a lot of expensive dental care that may fail.

The missing link in the care of patients ‘gum health’ was a toothbrush that actually cleans the patient’s mouth from germ causing disease!  All toothbrushes have done, until the new Ionic Soladey came along, is move around the toothpaste. The toothbrush never cleaned anything!  Until now….

Soladey is the most effective and healthy way for everyone to improve their daily oral care while reducing their costs.

It is clinically proven to remove more plaque, while reducing bacteria and biofilm levels in the mouth, and can even remove tough stains.  The Titanium Dioxide rod within the handle of the toothbrush, reacts with a special metal that holds the fiber-optic bristles in the head of the brush to create an ionic field that strips away the ‘Bio-film’ that collects from normal daily events. Also, Soladay launching new product best impact driver reviews.

It is healthier by far because you do not need abrasive toothpaste, or to introduce chemicals into your body to achieve more effective results.

My patients achieve amazing results with this new IONIC technology, and the results are reduced plaque, whiter teeth, reduction in gingivitis and periodontal disease, and healthier gums and gingival tissue.”

– Dr. Michael Margolis DDS, President of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry & Medicine

How Soladey Works

When exposed to any good light source the photo-sensitive titanium rod (TI02), located in Soladey’s handle, releases ions which permeate the saliva to effectively break down plaque on a molecular level. The polarity of the tooth surface is temporarily reversed preventing plaque from sticking to the surface of teeth. This Ionic action disintegrates plaque in places one cannot reach with bristles, rinse, toothpaste or interproximal devices.

How to Purchase Soladey

Soladey is available from Shop Soladey or your local dentist.
For any questions please feel free to contact Soladey.

Dental Professional and Health Food Store inquiries welcome. 

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